[Does the condom have a size]

[Does the condom have a size]

Many people do not like to use condoms during sex. For men, the most obvious reason is that they do have a deep discomfort.

Therefore, in the face of various condoms, it is most important to choose a condom that suits you. So is there a condom size? Many people do n’t know much when choosing condoms.Different types, let’s learn about them.

In fact, for safety, we still need to wear condoms when we are married. However, many people do not like to use condoms. We should pay attention to it in the future, especially those who do not intend to have children.Security measures, so are condoms sized?

Types of condoms: Commonly available condoms can be divided into 4 types according to their diameter, namely large (35 mm in diameter); medium (33 mm in diameter); small (31 mm in diameter) and extra smallNo. (29 mm diameter).

The most widely used is medium.

Condom thickness: With the improvement of rubber quality and production technology, the thickness of condoms has become thinner, but its elasticity and firmness have continued to increase.

Condoms can be divided into ordinary types according to thickness (thickness 0.


06 mm), ultra-thin type (thickness 0.

03 mm) and thin (thickness between the first two), ultra-thin model is the high-grade transparent condom commonly used in China.

There are three types of condoms to measure before buying a condom, with a large diameter of 35 mm, a medium diameter of 33 mm, and a small diameter of 31 mm.

In most cases, the best size for men in developing countries is medium.

Some people buy oversized condoms, which can lead to condom replacement, semen replacement, and reduced contraceptive effects.

Therefore, when replacing a condom with a male, it is best to first measure the diameter of the penis, including those in a weak state and during an erection.

When measured by the test method, the room temperature should preferably be around 25, after a calm mood and a proper rest.

Straighten the penis with a hard ruler at one end against the pubic symphysis, and the other end with the glans urethra as the reference. This is the normal length of the penis. When erect, apply a thin line around the middle of the fully erect penis.Circle, then measure the length of the line to get the penis circumference, then divide by 3.

14, is the penis diameter, this result is closest to the actual data.

Don’t use an ultra-thin condom while ejaculating. At the same time, the thickness of the condom has a great impact on men’s psychology.

The thicker the condom, the lower the sensitivity of the male penis in sexual life. It is believed that the distance between himself and his partner lies in this, and the worse it feels naturally.

Today, there are three types of condoms: ultra-thin, thin and ordinary.

Among them, the thickness of the ultra-thin type is 0.

03 mm, the thickness of the common type is 0.


06 mm, thin condoms in between.

For those men who ejaculate faster, are older and have less self-control, they should still use thicker condoms.

This helps to control ejaculation and prolong sexual life.

When wearing a condom, be sure to put it on after the penis is completely erected, otherwise some condoms will show extra wrinkles and slip easily.

Basically, if after continuous caressing, there is still no formal sexual intercourse, the surface of the replacement condom is dry and difficult to insert into the woman’s vagina.

Therefore, it is best to caress by both sides, wait for the excitement level to rise before putting on a condom, and make sure that the end of the condom is partly outcropping.

Condoms can provide a lot of protection for our sexual life. Many people now only realize the pleasure and do not pay attention to safety. Many women will have unexpected pregnancy. The flow of people is also great for our body.Harmful, we must pay attention to the regular use of condoms. We must choose the right one. Knowing the size of condoms, we know how to choose the right condom.