Four major symptoms of self-assessment of sub-health

Four major symptoms of self-assessment of sub-health

The sub-health state of modern people can be self-assessed in combination with symptoms. The term sub-health comes from modern times, which is a physical state peculiar to modern people.

As the pace of life and work gets faster, more people are in a sub-health state.

Being in a sub-health state for a long time is harmful to both the body and the mind.

So, there is a certain state of sub-health, how can we self-test?

Experts point out that there are specific aspects of sub-health, which are cold, fever, deficiency and actual disease.

Experts suggest that sub-health is not the same as non-sickness. If there is no timely physical examination and treatment, un-healthy sub-health is likely to develop into a disease.

There are four types of sub-health states: chills, fever, deficiency, and actual disease. Each of us can judge this kind of symptoms according to his actual situation.


The cold is the first. The hands and feet are cold, the whole body is afraid of cold, and the local is afraid of cold.

Second, a person is snoring, has no spirit, is unwilling to listen to others, and is not excited. We call him a bad person, a happy person, depressed, and unable to get up.

People are willing to speak, he is not willing to speak, too lazy to talk, too lazy to see people, lazy door, called cold.


Fever is hot in the hands and feet, tongue is hot, dry mouth, upset, and some people feel hot in the afternoon, but some body temperature is normal, called low fever.

It is moderately hot, and you feel that you have already burned it; high fever, it is not good to take any anti-inflammatory drugs, that is, you are afraid of heat, and then manic, and your temper is quite large. This situation is fever.

When there is fever, the eyes are prone to diarrhea, and the eyes are very red. Sometimes the complexion becomes red. When you stick out your tongue, your tongue is also red.


Deficiency and backaches are weak and weak, often sweating, night sweats, sweating every time he speaks, if people do n’t sweat, he sweats, sweats after eating, others do n’t.

Sweating asleep at night and sweating, sweat did not wait until I got up in the morning.

And tinnitus, dreams, and insomnia.

Others have delusions and will fantasize. They are always temperamental and have an unknown fire. This is a deficiency.


Obesity, high blood lipids, high blood pressure, adult liver, arteriosclerosis, thrombosis, tumors in the body, whether benign or malignant, these are all symptoms.

Experts remind everyone that if there is a sub-health state, it must be proved that if it is not recognized, it will develop indefinitely. Any of the four major symptoms will grow like a small tree. When it grows into a towering tree, there is no way to cure it.