[Encyclopedia of loofah dumplings]_ making method _ how to make

[Encyclopedia of loofah dumplings]_ making method _ how to make

There are many functions of loofah, but some people may not know these magical functions. It can treat sinusitis, pharyngitis, allergic surgery and other diseases. It is also very effective for women with insufficient milk and irregular menstruation.

In terms of beauty, I don’t know if you have heard the name of loofah water, but it’s a little famous in the field of whitening.

As a common vegetable, loofah is eaten by many people. The following is an introduction to loaf dumpling dumplings.

Many people don’t like certain ingredients, mainly because they don’t choose the right cooking method.

Some people don’t like loofah very much, because others always cook the loofah dark, but when they find the right cooking method, the loofah becomes like their family.

Let ‘s join together today to make an emerald green loofah dish.

Loofah contains protein, vitamin C, vitamin B1 and other nutrients, and is a vegetable with high nutritional value.

Loofah is used to cool, stir-fry, and make soup.

Loofah is recommended for women who are physically weak and tired, and those who are tired and diarrhea. It is not recommended to eat more. Loofah is commonly used as a soup, but it can also be used for dumpling stuffing. There are 3 types of loofah stuffing dumplings recommended below.use.
Ingredients: Loofah (100g), lean meat (50g), eggs (2), shrimp (50g), 1 loofah. When dumplings are filled, choose a tender melon. Too old melon will affect the taste. When eating loofah,Peel, peel off the surface with a paring knife, and then cut the loofah into small pieces.

2 The first type: stuffed dumplings with lean gourd.

Wash and cut the lean meat into small pieces, and then chop. You can also buy the minced meat directly at the time of purchase. Then mix the loofah into the lean meat and chop the loofah. Then gently put a small amount into it.Spoon of salt.

3 The second kind: Loofah and egg dumpling stuffing.

Pick 2 eggs, break them into a bowl, sprinkle a small amount of salt, use a chopstick to crush the eggs, and mix the egg whites and yolks together.

4 Then heat the oil in the pot and fry the eggs in the pot until they are cooked. When frying, mash the eggs. After frying, mix the loofah and eggs together, chop, and continue to sprinkle a small amount of salt.

5 The third kind: Loofah shrimp dumpling stuffing.

Remove the shelled shrimp, remove the shrimp line, cut the shrimp into small pieces, mix with the loofah, and sprinkle the salt in the filling.

After making 63 kinds of stuffing, take the dumplings and wrap the dumplings.

After it is wrapped, cook it in water, and then season the spices. Dip the dumplings and eat them.

The three methods mentioned above are common dumplings made of loofah.

The loofah is more water-absorbing. When you take the loofah as the filling, drain the water of the loofah and mix it with other fillings.