The best yoga pose to eliminate acne and stains

The best yoga pose to eliminate acne and stains

Traditional yoga theory believes that at dawn and dusk, when the heavens and earth are at the intersection of yin and yang, the air is full of Prana (the energy of life). During these two weeks of practicing the sun, you can learn more Prana.Let us be full of vitality of life.

  The Sunday worship mainly bends forward, squeezing the trunk of our tree of life, and the spine twisted by the stress and tension of life, changing every muscle, blood vessel, and nerve in our body .,Not only absorbing energy from the outside, but also awakening the energy inside.

It can be said to be a compassion for the functioning of our entire body and for our lives.

A yogi, if he only does one exercise a day, it must be a sun worship.

  It is very effective for improving skin pores and oily skin.

  The skin on the face is not just a skin problem, or a comprehensive indicator of our various systems throughout the body.

There is no regular pattern in daily life. If you don’t rest well, you will become tired, revealing the gloom that cannot be hidden.

If the blood is not clean, acne, stains, etc. will appear on the facial skin. This is also a signal, and it is a manifestation of the internal organs’ abnormal function.

To improve the skin, we need to purify our blood.

To purify our blood, we must adjust the main organs in our body for blood production, blood storage, blood filtration, kidneys, spleen, and kidneys to make their functions normal and full of vitality.

Many asanas of yoga massage and condition these organs. Practicing yoga asanas and breathing exercises often helps to improve the physical condition.

  The triangular form and its variants are very effective forms for adjusting the functions of these three main organs.

  China’s traditional medicine is said to be “left Qinglong, right white tiger”.

  When you practice the triangle and variant, stretch your spine left and right, and look at it with traditional Chinese medicine, which is to “relieve the liver and qi, generate blood and nourish the blood”, promote the blood circulation of these organs, remove the deposited toxins from these organs, and stimulate the spineThese viscera and other viscera’s nerves, so as to adjust the function of these viscera, adjust the function of your entire body, that is, adjust your “yin and yang balance”.

  Chinese traditional medicine also says “lung main fur”.

  ”Fur” refers to tissues such as sweat glands, skin, and hair referred to in Western medicine; it secretes sweat, moisturizes the skin, regulates breathing, and resists external evils.

Through its “promoting” effect, the lungs spread Weiqi and Qixuejin fluid to the whole body, warming the skin and fur to maintain its normal physiological function.

  The various breathing methods of yoga are to regulate and strengthen the function of the lungs, increase the detoxification and detoxification functions of sweat glands, skin and hair. This is also one of the most effective ways to eliminate skin acne, rashes, and spots.

  Among the yoga breathing methods, the breathing method that purifies the blood is the cool breathing method.

  The combination of the above asanas and breathing methods of yoga will make your kidneys qi, liver, blood, and lungs, and the toxins in your body will be eliminated as soon as possible. The blood will be purified and the qi and blood will be reconciled.Will get balanced.

  In this way, your heart will be more peaceful, full of the joy that naturally arises, will extend from it, exuding your vitality, and overflowing with the glory of your life.

  Of course, conditioning inside the body requires a natural process, not overnight.

  Breathing method (Sitali) 1, put the tongue instead of the lips.

  2. Roll up your tongue like a tube.

  3. Inhale air through the rolled tongue and mouth, and make a hissing sound.

  4. Feasibility to suspend interest (guaranteed interest, stop interest), taking your comfort as the degree.

  5. Then exhale slowly through both nostrils.

  Do these exercises 15 to 30 times a day in the early morning.

  You can do this exercise in Padmasana, Siddhasana, Vajrasana, or on your body or while walking.

  This Pranayama (control of Pranayama breathing) purifies the blood.

It can quench the thirst and relieve the feeling of obesity.

It cools down the body’s systems.

It eliminates chronic dyspepsia (Gulma), splenomegaly (Pleeha), inflammation of many chronic diseases, high fever, tuberculosis, indigestion, liver and gallbladder disease, sputum, adverse effects of toxins, bite from poisonous snakes, etc.

  Indian yoga master Swami?

Mention in Swami Sivananda’s editor, The Science of Pranayama: When you are trapped in the jungle, or you have nowhere else to drink, if you feel thirsty,Pranayama can help relieve thirst.

  Those who practice this Pranayama regularly will not be bitten by snakes and scorpions.

  Cool Breath (SitaliKumbhaka) is an imitation of a snake’s breathing.

  The practitioner gets the ability to improve his skin and tolerates a lack of air, water and food.He resists all kinds of sterilization and high fever.

  In Swami.

In other works by Swami Sivananda, an effective alternative to the “cool breathing method” mentions the benefits of reducing mosquito bites: People with higher body temperature in summer like to sweat and their bloodIncreased acidity, the concentration of effluent sweat on the surface is higher, and it is attractive to mosquitoes.

The temperature-sensing body in the tentacles of the mosquito is very sensitive to temperature. As long as there is a change in the temperature difference, you will immediately feel that the sweaty person’s body dissipates heat quickly, and the mutant mosquito will be attractive.

  Cool breathing can purify the blood, reduce the temperature of the skin surface, and reduce the bite of mosquitoes!