Reasonable sleeping position to create the perfect baby’s head shape

Reasonable sleeping position to create the perfect baby’s head shape

The baby’s head shape has nothing to do with the pillow, and is related to the baby’s sleeping position.

For newborn babies, the skull is not completely ossified, and there is still a growth gap between the bone pieces. Until the baby is about 15 months old, the baby’s body is quite plastic.

  Therefore, mommy should pay attention, do not let the baby only get used to a certain sleeping position. In this way, the bone fragments in some positions of the baby’s head will be disturbed because of the long-term bearing of the weight of the entire head.Put your head on sleep.

So, mummy should be every 2?
Change the sleeping position for the baby every 3 hours. It is best to lie horizontally and alternately to ensure that the baby’s head develops normally and sleeps beautifully.

  [Why the head shape can be shaped]Even if the baby is in a normal fetal position, the baby born in the head position will have more or less deformed head shape due to the squeeze of the birth canal, which is usually sharp.

“This may also be a gift from the Creator,” said Chen Zhicheng, a pediatric neonate at Chang Gung Hospital in Kaohsiung.

The baby’s skull is made of a combination of multiple skulls, and the bone suture of the newborn has not been closed. Therefore, while deforming due to pressure during the birth canal, it also means that it can be restored or shaped after birth.

[The best head shape shaping method]Dr. Chen Zhicheng believes: “Sleeping position is the best correction method, usually it will not be corrected by other forces, because the baby has the natural instinct to restore a good head shape. Parents only need to help to change variousJust sleep.

“According to this, it is understood that long-term sleeping on the back will lead to the head shape of the back of the head, long-term lying on the bed will cause the face to protrude forehead; long-term sleeping on the same side will cause the head shape to deviate.

Therefore, whether the baby’s head shape is beautiful or not, it is absolutely necessary that the baby’s own sleeping habits, and whether the parents pay attention or ignore it.

  [Mastering the gold shaping period]4?
Before the age of 6 months, the golden shape of the baby’s head shape.

Dr. Chen Zhicheng said: “Usually after 10 to 12 months of age, the head shape will be completely fixed. Parents should master the first 4 months and change the baby’s head shape by changing the sleeping position of the posture. If they still cannot improve afterwards, take宝宝到医院咨询医师,考虑以‘头型矫正帽/矫正头盔’来协助矫正。”  【严重头部变形的矫正】  陈志诚医师解释:“生产时宝宝若以真空吸引或产钳等方式产出,必须特别留意以下二种状况;一是‘头皮下水肿’,消肿的速度较快,约1~2天即可消退;另一种是‘头皮下血肿’,就是有明显的‘长苞生角’,可能变形的程度会比较严重,需要一、二个星期至三个月才Can recover slowly.