Measure who will be your enemy?

Measure who will be your enemy?

The test starts: Which of the following is the person you can’t stand the most: A, the person who hurt your family or friends B, the person who hurt your personal rights and reputation C, the person who hurt the public interest Test results: A, you areIf you are hurt, you may not care too much.

But once your family or friends are being bullied, you will react very fiercely, making the other party your number one enemy, and endlessly following him.

Your nature is more enthusiastic about your friends and you like to fight against each other.

Especially if you don’t see yourself being hurt, you can easily be angered, treat others as enemies emotionally, and fight with each other.

  B, you are a person who easily offends arrogance or pride. In other words, those who have high self-awareness and do not think that your rights and interests are offensive to you.

Maybe you have no confidence in yourself and you care about what others think of you.

So as long as someone says you are right or wrong, or if you criticize you slightly, you will react very fiercely and even turn the other party into an enemy without verifying it. This is where you can easily establish an enemy.

  C, maybe the role of your chivalrous character, you have a sense of justice and mission.

For those who endanger the public interest, you will resolutely list the other party as the enemy, and it will be a common enemy.

Instead, you don’t care about your own interests. Therefore, it is easy for you to become hostile to people with a poor public image, especially to those who you do n’t know.

In this way, you are an imaginary enemy.