There is a magic formula for baby cough diet

There is a magic formula for baby cough diet

When the baby suddenly coughs because it is too hot, it is a hot summer, and you can eat more loofah and winter melon at this time.

When the baby has a cough, yellow sputum and tongue coating are yellow, it is a phlegm fever type cough. At this time, white radish can be used as soup or fried white radish.

White radish has the effect of clearing heat and reducing phlegm, and can pass stool.

You can also let your baby eat fried winter melon and drink some winter melon soup.

  When the baby coughs and coughs, but the sputum is very little, it belongs to a fever with yin deficiency. At this time, a traditional Chinese medicine formula: Fritillaria chuanchuanensis is ground into powder, steamed with pear, and added with rock sugar, the effect of cough is very is good.

Can also be used to make white fungus soup, lily porridge for children, can moisturize the lungs and cough.

In addition, when a baby suddenly enters an air-conditioned room from a hot environment, the cold can also cause a cough, which is a type of cough that is hot inside and cold outside.

At this time, you can use 3 small pieces of ginger, chopped, and cook into a gruel with a handful of rice, eat twice a day, eat 3 consecutive?
5 days.

It can warm the spleen and stomach, disperse wind and cold, and improve lung qi.