Ridiculous: Workplace players are seated in pairs

Ridiculous: Workplace players are seated in pairs

I never imagined that all ball games in sports can be related to certain situations and roles in the workplace?

In fact, many people can resonate with their job roles.

  I ‘m the American football player Mr. Gao ‘s head of a car sales company doing a project. It ‘s like if a football player is going to run into it, he must wear armor. Otherwise, he may be injured by others, and he will dodge halfway to avoid all kinds of interceptions: Finance DepartmentWe must control the budget; the affiliated departments must safeguard the interests of our department; the human resources department must limit the increase of personnel, do not allocate too many manpower to you, etc., all of which cause our own projects to face both internal burdens and preventHe was blamed by other departments for his negligence.

  I am a ping-pong staff member of a Polar consulting company. I am a small but inconspicuous table tennis player. I can only draw it on the fight court.

Because soon after entering the company, everyone is your boss, and you must respect and respect everyone.

As a new employee of the company, its metaphor implies that it is the company’s largest employee. Generally, I can only be called by others, but the current situation is that I am called by only one person.

The so-called colleague who taught me wanted to “pump” me to the east and to the east, and “pump” to the west to be the west. A little “table tennis” like me could not do anything to resist.

Although there are thousands of complaints in my heart, I only have a knife on my head. Who calls me “the smallest”?

It’s like this frustration when I first entered the company.

  Bowling is the most passive Ty. If a freight company tells me to classify myself as a type of ball, I think it is more appropriate to bowling, because I think this is the most passive and involuntary ball of all ball types.

Its nature is just to push and push, move, and with a bit of force, it rolls a little far away. It has no initiative at all, so it is said to be more passive than other balls.

Moreover, sometimes it is difficult to please, the person who shots has to blame the ball, and even he feels blushing and shame because he is “on track”.

This also shows how my current working status is.

The leaders and censors I met were really annoying. After working for so many years, I have become accustomed to it. All enthusiasm and enthusiasm have been exhausted and completely lost.

As long as the boss says something, I will do it; without telling me, I can hide but hide.

It is this vicious circle that has led me to gradually develop a lot of silence at work and uncontrollable resistance to emotions. The current working situation really makes me unbearable.

  The boss is a stick. I am the ball. Jill, a marketing manager and assistant of a travel company. If I want to put my current state on a ball game, I think of golf.

The person who swings the bat is my boss, a person who has high demands on others and himself; and I am the little white ball being beaten.

Although the boss has always been nice to me, he has a lot of demands on me.

He is good at his rich life experience and work experience. He planned the route that I should walk, let me enter the track he designed, slowly scroll, move forward, and then into the hole.

Even if the ball is sometimes biased, the average player rarely blame it because he played it by himself.

  As the ball itself, I also know that the ultimate goal of this sport is to enter the hole as quickly as possible with as few strokes as possible.

Therefore, I will not feel very passive or helpless, at least, I know that for the extremely experienced person of the boss, he designed it, which is mostly correct in most cases.

I’m the boss’s personal assistant rather than the general administrative assistant, so the communication with the boss is just more direct.

In this way, I cooperate with the boss tacitly, one willing to hit the other and willing to suffer.