Count the love account you owe

Count the love account you owe

On that stormy night 14 years ago, my betrayal left, and I followed you to Shenzhen to become a working girl.

After the poor you fall, except for your sick mother, your weak father, and the half-broken tile house, you will be left with me.

I remember that the cost of traveling to Shenzhen to work was my salary for a month as a private teacher.

All my suffering is to be with you in this life.

  Maybe I have a good vision and you are great.

Today, 10 years later, when all the people in my family are relieved and forgive me for not marrying the wrong man, you have a car, and you have a villa, but you are telling me outspokenly that you have found a “soul confidant”If I am willing to dissolve the marriage, the property and the children will be given to me; otherwise you betray me and I cannot complain.

  I laughed and said I would respond to you in 3 days.

  After 3 days, I made a list of marriages for you: 1. 10 years of marriage, you wear 3 sets of pajamas, 4 pairs of slippers, and 21 pairs of shoes.

The most broken leather shoes, because you spend a lot of time making money outside, so there will be “soul pals” who are successful in you.

  2. After 10 years of marriage, I wore 10 sets of pajamas, rotten 11 pairs of slippers, and broke 16 pairs of leather shoes.

I have more slippers and leather shoes because I spend more time caring for my family and children than you, and I spend a lot of time fighting with you side by side. Therefore, toiling, I have become a “yellow face woman” with no freshness.

  3. After 10 years of marriage, the value of your evergreen tree has increased by a factor of X. After divorce, so many beautiful women from Shenzhen to Hangzhou are waiting for you who are “successful, mature and tasteful” to choose.

  4. After 10 years of marriage, my youth is declining by 10,000 times. To be honest, my chance of remarriage after divorce is 1%. Older people do n’t like men of my age, unless they ‘re too bad.Men are unwilling to marry a middle-aged woman with children.

  5. I have been married for 10 years. You used to cook me 26 times.

  6, 10 years of marriage, I am busy 365 days a year, three meals a day, to cook for you.

  7. Marriage for 10 years, giving birth to a child, I spent 10 months, raised, raised, and taught for 10 years.

  8. Marriage for 10 years, giving birth to a child, you took 10 minutes and gave him a surname.

  9, 10 years of marriage, I live in harmony with your parents, without a loud word.

  10, 10 years of marriage, you have been reluctant to forgive my daughter’s ardent parents, and have not called Mom and Dad.

When you are poor, you say that my parents wo n’t answer you, and you are reluctant to cry; when you have money, you will no longer be afraid of them.

Would you like your daughter to choose poverty when she can choose?

It is human nature to wish her daughter is rich!

  My dear, if you look at the marriage summary above and you can watch me say divorce with your eyes, I will fulfill your wish.

You can tell me any time, I promise to divorce you.

  It’s just that I waited for you for a year and you never mentioned divorce again.

Become home early, stir-fry, you will mop the ground, are n’t you atonement for your sins?

Perhaps, because there are many people with conscience, there are still more houses than prisons in the world!