Uncovering the psychological causes of female obesity

Uncovering the psychological causes of female obesity

Men suffer setbacks in their careers or in life. They often like to borrow alcohol to relieve their sorrows and get drunk. This is the so-called compensatory behavior in psychology.

But for women, when their desires are not fulfilled, the way they vent their bad emotions is men, and one of the most common ways is to eat hard.

For example, psychologists often find that among women who have become emotionally upset due to broken love, many people have reported that their appetite has suddenly increased.

In fact, these women are compensating for their damaged emotional needs through the need for food.

  In addition, if a married woman has many dissatisfaction, such as her husband does not care about her, the child is not obedient, her life is too monotonous, and her work is not satisfactory, then she may vent these dissatisfaction by eating and naturally gain weight.

  Therefore, for women who get fat, they should check whether they have solved the problem of psychological dissatisfaction through gluttony.

If you have such psychological problems, you should learn to learn normal and harmless methods, such as listening to songs, writing letters, making hotlines, exercising, talking to friends, and reading books to vent your bad mood.

  For men, when your wife or girlfriend suddenly has a strong appetite, you should consider whether the other party may experience setbacks, and the brakes will gradually guide her in time.