Yoga meditation to teach you beauty

Yoga meditation to teach you beauty

Meditation is a valuable heritage in traditional traditional health.

Through meditation, the body can balance yin and yang, clear the meridians, and smooth the blood and qi, thereby achieving the purpose of prolonging life.

Nowadays, this ancient oriental culture has been injected with new vitality, and the meditation health of a healthy body is taking the world by storm.

  Indian-American physicist Mahalich combined ancient Indian yoga (equivalent to relative meditation) with the unified field theory in modern physics, and created a new method of self-adjusting physiology-transcendental meditation.Favored by the world.

He said: “People learn to enter a state of superconscious consciousness, their hearts will become calm, their thoughts will become productive, and they can send a brisk and coordinated wave to the environment.

Scientists have carried out experimental research on methods and found that when the human body is transcendental meditation, muscles relax throughout the body, heart rate, breathing and brain waves are slow, highly ordered, oxygen consumption is reduced, basic metabolic rate is reduced, immune function is enhanced, and the whole body is small.Vasodilation, blood epinephrine and other stress hormones decrease, cerebral cortex is in a protective inhibitory state, cortical function synchronization is enhanced, neural function coordination and other biological and physiological changes are beneficial to physical fitness, prevent disease and delay aging.

  Practice meditation, when pushing forward to the literary giant Guo Moruo.

Guo Lao studied in Japan in 1914. Due to his intense study and overuse of the brain, he suffered from severe neurasthenia, stayed up all night, sluggish all day, and healed in various ways. In 1915, he accidentally purchased the Quan Ming agent “Wang Yangming” in an old bookstore.”Complete Works”, which contains a chapter of “meditation”. Guo Lao will follow this exercise every day. After two weeks, a miracle will occur: he will fall asleep all night, his dizziness and heart palpitations will disappear, his memory will return to normal, and his stubborn disease will be cured.

As a result, the young Guo Lao did research on meditation and traced history. He believed that meditation penetrated the two ancient civilizations of the East-China and India.

  Since ancient times in China, meditation has been inseparable for guidance, meditation, vomiting, qi, button, qigong, etc. Its originator is likely to be Peng Zu, a well-known health-career in ancient times, and will become a Confucian in the future.

According to Biography of Lixian: “Peng Zu, Doctor Dian also.

At the end of the summer solstice Yin, more than 800 years old, often eat Guizhi, good guidance, good manners.

“The 8oos is of course an extremely exaggerated legend, but he must be an elderly star.

  Indian meditation yoga is a school of ancient Indian philosophy. It is also sitting with eyes closed, relaxing throughout the body, controlling breathing, and achieving a state of meditation.

  Guo Moruo pointed out in his article “The Secret Kungfu”: “Sitting the Kungfu, in the Song and Ming dynasties, Confucianism was very important. Most commentators thought that it came from Zen, but I think it should be traced to Confucian disciple YanHui, because “Zhuangzi” has Yan Hui sitting and forgetting (that is, meditating).

This is indeed the case.

Not only is the meditation recognized by the Buddhists and Taoists for the sake of epiphany, the ancient Confucianists also knew meditation, saying that “Jing can produce wisdom.”

“It also made meditation a compulsory course of science, and even required the disciples to read the book half-day and meditation half-day.

For example, Zhu Xi, a great Confucianist in the Song Dynasty, warned his disciples, “When you meditate and contemplate, you mainly observe and understand the truth.

Practice has proved that meditation has a good effect on mental workers in correcting neurotransmission, headache, insomnia, hypertension, coronary heart disease and ruling out psychological disorders.

Recently, it has been proposed that meditation can also enhance digestive function, cold resistance and moisturize the skin’s beauty effect.

  The specific method of sitting: sitting on a chair, a bed or a sofa, with the thighs flat, the lower legs straight, two feet apart, relax the belt, the head and neck straight, the chin is slightly closed, the back straight, the shoulders are drooping, the whole body is relaxed,Close your eyes and close your mouth, put your tongue against the upper palate, put your hands on the abdomen, put your thumbs on the belly button, cover your palms under the umbilicus, and then eliminate the thoughts (it is difficult to eliminate them during the initial training, and the thoughts will gradually disappear in the future, and you should not be too hasty).With abdominal breathing, try to slowly inflate the lower abdomen for deep inhalation, and then exhale slowly to restore the abdomen to normal.

At the same time, focus your consciousness on the palm under the umbilicus (on the Dantian acupoint). In this way, you can achieve the “three combinations” of body adjustment, heart adjustment, and breath adjustment.Nothingness, this is the so-called “into silence,” meaning that you feel very relaxed and comfortable all over your body.

Do it twice a day, morning and evening, 30 minutes at a time.

After the end, rubbing the heat with both hands, massaging the cheeks and eyes to activate the qi and blood. At this time, I feel refreshed and light, and the body’s intrinsic function is activated and burst out, so that the effect of strengthening the body can be achieved.

  Meditation is one of the methods of health, the role is to calm the mind, but also combined with other sports to play the role of health to achieve the body, to achieve the purpose of alternating movement and quiet, health and mind.

Instead of sitting full of food, sitting still and doing nothing.

Let me conclude with a passage from Guo Lao: “Sitting on cultivation is really effective. I very much agree with my friends.

We use meditation instead of meditation as a means that is not incompatible with aggressiveness.